Today, are group engaged in a phone interview with a professional to assist with providing information about asthma. The expert we contacted is known as Dr. Eric C. McDonald. He is the Deputy Public Health Officer of the County of San Diego, Health and Human Service Agency. For the interview, we asked Dr. McDonald a total of four questions we believed would have provided the greatest  insight for our research.   The four questions were: what are the long term effects of a person who has asthma, is asthma more of a genetic disorder or is asthma contracted do to outside factors, what are the best steps  to prevent asthma and what can can be done to help someone who already has the condition, and are there currently any advancements in technology to aid a person who suffers from asthma?
(Again, we want thank Dr. Eric C. McDonald of the County of San Diego, Health and Human Service Agency for taking the time to engage in an interview for our research.)  
Today our group surveyed a total of 40 random students with three asthma related questions. From our observations, the majority of people that were surveyed responded to not have asthma or any it's symptoms.  These statistics are similar to the statistics across the U.S.

    Byron Myers, Galilea Patricio, & Brian Tran

    We are a team of three that is performing research about the respiratory disease: asthma. 


    May 2013